The 200 Club

The 200 Club is a form of lottery that is available to supporters of the Minehead Harriers; the purpose is to raise money for the Hunt through the Hunt Club. We aim to achieve an annual membership of 200 – hence the name!

How does it work?

It’s fairly simple. Each 200 Club member is allocated four draw-numbers at random (between 001 to 800) which will remain allocated to that member for the whole year. The 200 Club ‘year’ runs from April to March and 12 draws will take place throughout this time, although not necessarily every month (the ‘year’ is sometimes called the ‘series’ meaning the series of 12 draws). The draws will he held at Minehead Harriers events or sometimes Hunt Supporters Club committee meetings. Volunteers will be asked to draw numbers from the bag at random to determine the winners.

How much can I win?

If we reach 200 members 11 of the 12 draws will consist of prizes of: £50, £30, £25 plus a ‘bumper’ Christmastime draw around December, when prizes will be: £150, £100, £80, 2 x £50!

Prizes will be reduced proportionately according to the number of members in the 200 Club. The lowest prize in any draw is reserved for members that haven’t yet won a prize with that subscription during the present series.

How much does it cost?

An annual subscription to the 200 Club costs £18 – that’s just £1.50 per month. This enters each member into all 12 draws throughout the year.

How many subscriptions can I have?

Members can choose to have more than one subscription if they wish, or you may like to pay for a subscription for a family member (but they must be over 16). A couple may choose to have a subscription between them or one each, etc.

Who runs the 200 Club?

The Minehead Harriers Hunt Club oversees the 200 Club and has authorised Hatty Tucker to administrate and promote the 200 Club on their behalf.

Are there any rules?

The most important rule is that all 200 Club members must be over 16 years old. More information is contained in the leaflet/application form and the full set of rules can also be viewed below.

What happens to the money?

The surplus income (which is subscription money less the cost of prizes and postage expenses) is transferred to the Hunt funds. No more than 50% of all money raised through 200 Club will be spent on prizes. The 200 Club usually raises in the region of £1,000 every year for the Minehead Harriers, which is pretty good considering there are good monthly prizes up for grabs!

Download the Forms here